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Fashionable leather shoes export from Iran

Fashionable leather shoes export from Iran is a big part of the country’s economy and there are a lot of cities and companies in Iran which are active in leather shoe production. Iranian leather shoes are very famous for their all natural raw materials and premium qualities.

Iranian leather shoes are a combination of fashion and thousands of years of shoemaking experience.

It must be said iranian leather shoes are also made by both machines and hands. The Iranian shoemakers are true master craftsmen and some of them have been in this business for generations. The machines also updated with the latest available technologies. That’s why there are a lot of fashionable leather shoes export from Iran.

Fashionable leather shoes export

Iranian fashionable leather shoes

Iranian fashionable leather shoe exports are mostly sent to neighboring countries. They very well received in those markets. Most of the leather shoes of the world also produced in Asia. The biggest importer of the Iranian leather shoes is Iraq.
Other importers include Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Syria. Also Iranian leather shoe exports is a million dollar industry for the country’s economy.

Fashionable leather shoes export

Export leather shoes from Iran

There are a lot of advantages in wearing leather shoes. That’s is the reason for high amounts of fashionable leather shoe exports from Iran. Real leather is one of the strongest shoemaking materials out there. Iranian leathers also produced from the finest raw materials.
Also unlike synthetic shoes, leather shoes are more flexible and more breathable. They also stretch to the shape of your feet and are substantially more comfortable. They are also always a trend, and popular in the latest clothing fashions and styles worldwide.

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