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Iranian leather footwear exports

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of Iranian leather shoes which export it is products to countries like: Iraq- Afghanistan- Azerbaijan- Turkmenistan and Syria. Iranian leather footwear exports an economic activity in the field the country s economic development. In Iran 650 companies are active in the field in leather footwear exports.

Important Iranian brands in the field of manufacturing and exporting leather shoes are: Mashhad leather- Dorsa leather and so on.

Export and import cycle of the economy of a country is rotated because in this industry we are trying to export products that have an extensive production like leather shoes to other countries and import from that country products that cannot be produced in our country. One of the country’s largest exports of leather footwear exports.

Leather footwear exports

Iranian leather footwear

Iranian leather shoes are available in various colors and models and although it is price a bit higher than the rest of the shoes it does but in each area it is own fans even these fans are in the rest of the countries because with leather footwear exports to the neighboring countries of Iran also import leather shoes.
These shoes are also available on the market for the medical reasons. The various models of these shoes are very beautiful and resistant in the summer and winter and always raises customer satisfaction.

Leather footwear exports

Leather footwear exports

It must be said leather shoes are a variety of shoes that can be exported to other countries. And also leather footwear exports makes the name of Iran beard in other countries. Also leather shoes is a shoe that is very resistant and waterproof and easy to clean. The largest share of leather shoes exports has been attributed to Asians that Iran is one of these Asian countries.
Exporting both pairs of leather shoes is equal to one barrel of oil. Iraq- Afghanistan and Azerbaijan 85 darsad of Iran exports are in leather shoes. In Asia- China has the largest number of leather shoes exported in the world. And also Italy is in the first place in terms of price.


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