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Iranian baby soft leather shoes

We have several types of leather in Iran each of these types of leather divided into soft and dry categories. Soft leather used to make baby shoes. To buy these baby soft leather shoes you should go to passage that is generally available for bags and shoes and for Iranian baby soft leather shoes should go to the capitals  great market.

Why use soft leather for baby shoes? Baby leather shoes produced in Iran? Really leather is important in the production of shoes and bags.

Soft leather a lightweight leatherette made from animal’s skin such as calves and goats. The skin shaved in the dyeing process with oil and becomes very thin and delicate that’s why leather used for baby shoes. Baby soft leather shoes at various models and color schemes are produced.
Companies such as cascade leather c.c and pate can  are the company’s leather shoes manufacturer.

Baby soft leather shoes

Iranian baby leather shoes

Because ether is the best product for shoes production that’s why we try to use leather in the production of baby shoes. The best kind of leather in the production of baby shoes is baby soft leather shoes.
Iran has the largest companies in the field of producing baby leather shoes because the foot is the second heart of man and one of the duties of the parent is to provide a suitable shoe for the baby. Leather shoes have all of these features including comfort feet- water proofing and so on.

Baby soft leather shoes

The price of baby soft leather

When buying shoes for a baby you should not care for the price because the health of children is more important. Instead of buying fabric shoes and plastic at a lower cost get leather shoes for more price and longer durable.
Perhaps you sometimes faced with the matter that the price of baby soft leather shoes is twice as much or at least equivalent to the price an adult shoes do not care about this because the health of children at childhood especially under 3 years of age is very important. Under 3 years old Yue must buy a pair of shoes at least every 4 months and shoes with to consider comfort to your baby’s foot and make waive the cost

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