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Children’s soft leather shoes export from Iran

Iran has always been one of the biggest centers of the world for making leather shoes and other craft that are made of leather. Currently, there are a lot of children’s soft leather shoes export from Iran, and this industry is one of the biggest industries in some regions of Iran.

The leather products from Iran are well known all over the world, and everyone has heard about them.

So the art of creating shoes from leather, has been done in some regions of Iran for many generations over the years. Also there are even some Iranian cities that are famous for their leather shoes and leather productions.

Children's soft leather shoes


Iranian children’s soft leather shoes

Most noteworthy, Iran is one of the biggest and best producer of children’s soft leather shoes. So shoe making is one of the oldest industries in the Iranian culture. Today, there are some Iranian cities that produce shoes on a commercial scale.
There are also many domestic and international companies. These companies export these shoes to different countries of the world. The shoes are of the highest quality possible, and Iranian leather shoes known internationally.

Children's soft leather shoes

Exports of leather shoes from Iran

Iranian leather shoes known as an international brand and many of them are even handmade by shoemakers.

Some of these shoes are handmade by true shoemaker artists from Iran. Shoe-making is one of the oldest industries among the Iranian people. Thus at there are many Iranian cities that have a large number of shoemakers. Many of them made of high quality Iranian factories.

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