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Best leather footwear brands in Iran

Iran has been famous for its leather shoes and footwear for many years all over the world and you can find the best leather footwear brands in Iran. Iranian leather shoes are both handmade and machine made, and use the highest quality leathers in different styles.

You can easily find the highest quality leather shoes and footwear among many famous Iranian brands.

Iranian leather industry has a really long history both locally and internationally, and is one of the biggest industries in Iran. There have been high quality leather factories in Iran, for more than a hundred years.

Leather footwear brands

Leather footwear production in Iran

Iran has a lot of investments on the leather footwear industry, especially in the north west regions. There are some Iranian cities that are famous for their shoemaking. Some cities like Tabriz even also famous for their shoes even internationally.
There are a lot of local and international leather footwear brands working in Iran. There are also a lot of leather footwear exports to all over the world, mostly to neighboring countries.

Leather footwear brands

Best leather footwear brands for export

A lot of leather footwear brands in Iran have productions on commercial scales and export part of their shoes to the international markets. Many of these companies sell the shoes directly to foreign retail markets.

Iranian leather shoes can be found in many countries of the world, and are considered as luxury items.

Some of them also work with foreign dealers, and distribute their high quality products through them. There are even some Iranian brands that work specifically on handmade high quality shoes and footwear. Iranian leather products, especially shoes are very popular on the international markets and are always in high demands.

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